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. . . By Telephone . . .

at Gryphon Stringed Instruments

. . . On the Web . . .

If you have questions about fretted instrument repair
or construction, please visit my new (as of 8/2/08) forum:

As a moderator of that forum, I read it almost every day, and make frequent
contributions. AND, if you post your questions there, you'll have the attention
of a large group of qualified luthiers who can address a wide range of
topics including instrument design, construction, repair and maintenance!

. . . About Repairs . . .

Sorry, but I can't accept repair work by shipment.
These days, our shop is so busy trying to keep up with our
local customers, we simply can't take on repairs from
outside the area. I'm always happy to evaluate repairs or
restoration when you bring your instrument in to Gryphon.

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