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The maestro of fanned frets, himself, Ralph Novak, shows off his Novax guitar.

Ralph's shop is in San Leandro, California.

From San Mateo, California, it's Hideo Tateno with a maple Dreadnought style guitar:

John Dick of Iowa City, Iowa, played a few licks on his latest rosewood classical guitar:

That's Steve Newberry's knee peeking out from under the towel on the right. We often sat around jamming in the dorm rooms late at night like this.

One of the craftsman at The Twelfth Fret in Portland, Oregon, Saul Koll displayed his latest creations including this headless hollow body electric:

While wandering around the show, I bumped into John Gough of Seattle. He's a great craftsman who specializes in restoring antique banjos:

This is a new neck he'd just made for a Bacon Professional banjo. Who says craftsmanship is a "lost art?"


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