The Gallery of Guitars at the Acoustic Guitar Festival
Healdsburg, 2001
© Frank Ford, 8/22/01; Photos by FF, 8/19/01

Once again, there was a great public turnout for the Acoustic Guitar Festival. I believe this kind of show is doing quite a bit to promote the notion that individual luthiers make significant contributions to the instrument making craft and industry, and to the music playing community. In California's historic wine country, Healdsburg is overrun by tourists on a typical summer weekend. But, the folks who headed up the hill to picturesque Villa Chanticleer had one thing on their minds - acoustic guitar!

This time I tried a bit of flash photography. I've always disliked that "deer-in-the-headlights" effect, and the way flash flattens and "deadens" the image (in my hands, that is). Nonetheless, those windows do present a bit of a problem for taking pictures, so I took pictures with flash when I got in trouble with lighting,. With my usual subtlety, I jammed my camera in everywhere, using that classic line, "Stick with me kid, I'll make you famous!" A lot of these luthiers have been famous for years, of course, but they had the good grace not to feed me a knuckle sandwich.

So, here's some of what we saw at the Acoustic Guitar Festival this year:

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