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The Sideshow
Frank Ford, 1998, 1999, 2000; Photos by FF, 1995-2000

Step right up! See the shrunken bridge pins!

These old teeth were pulled from a 1947 Martin 00-17. The white one is a new pin, for contrast. Seems that the plastic used through the 1940s on lots of instrument gears and bridge pins was especially volatile stuff. . .

Serves as a good reminder to chuck those old bridge pins when they get chewed up. New pins are likely to give you much better mounting for the string balls.

Picture provided by Tom Smith, head of repairs at MARS Music, Nashville
The worst location for a pickup jack:

Well, Tom, this one will be hard to beat!

Here's a broken neck:

A big amplifier stack fell right on this baby while it was sitting on stage in its stand. Fortunately no people were hurt!

String Winding Blues
My guitar just doesn't seem to stay in tune since I put on these new strings:

Maybe if I had a few more turns around the post, that would help. . .

Case Repair Deluxe

This looks like an interesting case repair. Nice leather binding around all the edges:

You ain't gonna believe the inside of this case! And, to quote Dave Berry, "I swear I'm not making this up." It's on the next page.



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