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July 7, 2000

For the same reason as always
Deering Deluxe Guitar Banjo

© Frank Ford, 2000; Photos by FF

Away back in the 1920s, Gibson, Vega, and others made banjos with guitar necks stuck on so guitar players could sound like banjo players. Yes some of them actually wanted to sound like banjo players. In fact, the banjo was tremendously popular as a jazz band rhythm instrument, among other things. So popular, that banjos were made with mandolin necks and ukulele necks, too.

So why does Deering make a guitar banjo in this century?

Same reason, for guitar players, and to play that old time music. If you want to play country blues like the McGee brothers, you need a good guitar banjo. And if you haven't heard ragtime on a guitar banjo, you've missed a real treat! Deering is the only high-end banjo maker to take these critters seriously. This guitar banjo makes a lot of sense to me.

This instrument has the typical tone ring and shell construction that characterizes the Gibson Mastertone style, with the full resonator setup.

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The only part of this instrument that doesn't make sense to me is the long overhang of the tailpiece. . .

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