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February 11, 2000

Banjaurine? What's a Banjaurine?
Saga Banjaurine

© Frank Ford, 2000; Photos by FF

I suspect it was S.S.Stewart who named the "banjaurine" in the late 19th Century. At the time, Stewart made all sizes of five string banjos, including small ladies models, big concert models, and teeny little "piccolo" banjos. One of the more mysterious ones was the "banjaurine," which, according to Stewart, was very big, oversize shell mounted with a very short five string neck.

In addition to the banjaurine, Stewart made a "banjo-banjaurine," which had a regular eleven inch head, and a short five string neck. This Saga, then, is an instrument which pays tribute to the Stewart banjo-banjaurine. With its short scale, it can be tuned all the way up to "C," and it's small enough to be an ideal traveling companion.

Best of all, it is remarkably inexpensive. Unlike lots of other Korean banjos in its price range, this one comes with 4:1 planetary pegs, and a geared fifth. Classic Stewart style peghead and inlay, and a replica "No Knot" tailpiece complete the vintage styling. It even has a standard U.S.-made Remo head. All this for under $400.00.

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