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September 1, 1999

Featured at Gryphon
Hill "London" Model

© Frank Ford, 1999; Photos by FF

Kenny Hill is a busy fellow. In addition to hand building classical guitars and ukuleles in his Ben Lomond shop, he also runs a small guitar factory in Paracho, Mexico. He designs the models, rounds up materials, trains the staff, and oversees the work as he commutes between Paracho and Northern California. Gryphon is pleased to have on hand several of his fine concert classical guitars, in addition to the unusual one pictured here:

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I suppose most of us would call this a "nylon string parlor guitar." It's clearly an adaptation of the small size guitars made by the great Italian guitar maker, Panormo, who worked mainly in London. However you choose to "define" it, this is a cool instrument indeed, very lively and "big sounding" for its size. The materials and workmanship are right in there with the best of the Spanish concert guitars.

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