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December 9, 1999

Rosewood dulcimer from San Luis Obispo, California
Blue Lion IIR

© Frank Ford, 1999; Photos by FF

Bob and Janita Baker have long been Gryphon's favorite dulcimer makers. The fit and finish of their instruments are on the order of Martin or Collings guitars. And, their dulcimers have a big fat sound, too.

(Blue Lion are identified by Roman numerals, but I changed to Arabic numbers because some computer fonts make the distinction between "one" and "L" difficult.)

This one is a "top of the line" model 2R, with its fancy rose inlay, and optional brass soundhole decoration. The back and sides are rosewood, as are the fingerboard, endblock and pegbox side laminations. Mahogany supports the fingerboard and serves as the center lamination of the pegbox. Those are 4:1 banjo style tuning pegs for easy handling., while retaining a bit of the tradtional peg styling. This 2R has a cedar top.

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