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October 10, 1999

Samll, but big, if you know what I mean. . .
Collings "Baby"

© Frank Ford, 1999; Photos by FF

In an era of Jumbos and Dreadnoughts, it's refreshing to see a guitar like this one. The Collings "Baby" is really
small. It's smaller than the Martin size "0" of old, and it's louder and bigger sounding as well. I'm particularly impressed because this small size guitar a serious piece of musical hardware. It has all the features (including the price) of its bigger cousins, the OM and Dreadnought size guitars. Just as with all Collings instruments, the eye is rewarded, too. Every detail seems to invite a closer look, even the label inside, with guitar bodies floating downstream from the mill.

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This one is made with Indian rosewood back and sides, and a Sitka spruce top. It has all the classic appointments of the Martin style "28" including the "diamond" neck detail behind the nut.

You may not be "in the market" for an expensive small guitar, but you owe yourself the treat of playing one of these, just to see what goodies can come in such a small package!

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