FRETS.COM New Instrument Review
March 19, 2002

Sergei deJonge's
Snake Bound Brazilian

© Frank Ford, 2002; Photos by FF

Not that we should be surprised, but Sergei has made us another exotic guitar. Flamboyant Brazilian rosewood is set off by exotic snakewood binding. If you don't know snakewood, it's the stuff traditional Baroque violin bow makers like to use, and it has the coolest natural dark spots or bands running through it, reminiscent of the markings of those slithery reptiles. I recognized the snakewood right off, but had to ask about the soundhole and end wedge decoration. They are made of spalted box elder. As I understand it, spalting is a result of various mold and fungi attcking wood as it starts to rot. Mostly, we hear of spalted maple, but leave it to Sergei to introduce us to another variety. I'm beginning to see why Sergei doesn't even try to give his guitars model designations. . .

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