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December 3, 2000

If there's one thing better than a good guitar, it's a good laff. . .
Sergei's "Spinach" Guitar

© Frank Ford, 2000, Photos by FF

Ol' Sergei deJonge is a fine luthier, of that there's no doubt. He's also got a great sense of humor. In fact, you can't get even get him to tell you how to pronounce his name. Sometimes it's "Surge DE Jong" and sometimes it's "Sir Gay d'Young."

Now, check out this great fingerstyle guitar. The body is entirely Spanish cedar. In Sergei's shop "Spanish cedar" was lovingly called "spinach cedar" for a while, and now it's simply "spinach." (I forgot to ask him if it has "old baloney" inlay. . .) When it arrived at Gryphon, the case bore a tag that simply read, "Spinach."

Guess what? This guitar sounds great. It has the infamous "sandwich top," which is constructed of two extremely thin veneers of solid wood separated by teeny little slats. On the underside of the top there are myriad little braces in addition to the usual "x" brace pattern. It also has exotic zircote fingerboard and bridge.

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