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August 6, 2000

New old idea
Martin SP00-16RST

© Frank Ford, 2000; Photos by FF

It's been a while now since Martin's model designations were easy to decipher. Suffice it to say that this one is a grand concert size 12-fret fingerstyle guitar built with a few cosmetic touches that recapitulate Martin's earliest designs. It has rosewood back and sides, spruce top, and rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

The "Stauffer headstock" was a legacy that C.F. Martin Sr. brought with him from Germany when he emigrated in 1833, well over a hundred years before the style was simplified by Leo Fender for his solid body electric guitars. Notice also the conical heel, and unique bridge shape. This guitar should appeal to a player who wants a reasonably priced traditional guitar with some unique "old timey" appointments.

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