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April 5, 2003

Old Brazilian Rosewood
Santa Cruz OM

© Frank Ford, 2003; Photos by FF

This beautiful fingerstyle guitar was made in the Spring of 2003 and it has some of the best Brazilian rosewood I've seen. I happen to know that this is old wood, because I bought it from Southern Lumber in San Jose, and they told me that it had been in storage for "quite a few years." Now, that was in 1970, when the rosewood was a 6-foot long 2 x 10. I brought the lumber home and resawed it to guitar thickness on my Delta 14" band saw. Richard Johnston and I built some of our first rosewood guitars using this material, and "stickered" a few pieces to save for future projects.

Fast forward a quick 33 years, and here's that special project. We gave the wood to the Santa Cruz Guitar Company, along with a nice piece of Adirondack spruce, and out came this fine specimen!

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