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August 10, 2000

Where was this one in 1965?
Taylor "Big Baby"

© Frank Ford, 2000; Photos by FF

I don't know about you, but I could have used this guitar 35 years ago when I was first starting out. Clearly inspired by the success of the "Baby," this 7/8 size dreadnought guitar is the first inexpensive "real" acoustic guitar offered by an American factory in a mighty long while. Although Taylor calls it "Big Baby" and its body is a small dreadnought, it has a full length neck and scale, so it is really a full size guitar by my standards.

Taylor makes no apology for the plywood back and sides or the neck bolted right through the fingerboard. But that doesn't matter because it is priced cheap. I have no problems with cheap. Cheap is good, if by "cheap" we mean low priced. Make no mistake - this guitar is not cheap in workmanship or materials. In fact, it is an outstanding value, delivering more function per dollar than you'll find elsewhere.

This one is going to be a hit among beginners and experienced pickers alike. It makes a great starter guitar, and it's the perfect "knock around" instrument to take places where your main ax might be in danger of loss or injury.

Taylor is going to sell a shipload of these Big Babies!

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