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February 26, 2002

Featured at Gryphon
Taylor NS-62CE

© Frank Ford, 2002; Photos by FF

A few years ago, the folks at Taylor told me they were developing a classical nylon string model. I decided not to hold my breath waiting for the "next great classical guitar," as we have been promised from other factories. I'm classically skeptical about any American factory's ability to make classical guitars that can compete with individually made instruments or those from the big Spanish and Japanese factories.

I must say I'm delighted with where their development lead them. It's not a concert classical guitar; it fills a different niche. It's a nylon string instrument for an acoustic steel string player who'd like another voice. Fitted with a cutaway and full onboard pickups, it really does a job! The neck is wider than Taylor's standard steel string neck, but it has the low slim profile you'd expect. With its dual system (piezo saddle element and soundboard transducer) it has a fine sound plugged in.


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