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December 4, 1999

A kid size guitar for big kids. . .
Taylor "Baby"

© Frank Ford, 1999; Photos by FF

First available in 1996, this little guitar isn't exactly new on the scene, but it still runs virtually unopposed as the candidate for ideal travel companion. In spite of its huge success, none of the other American high-volume guitar manufacturers have chosen to compete with Taylor's Baby. It was originally marketed as a kid size guitar, emblazoned with "Baby" on the peghead. But the kids who really went for this one tended to be full size folks who like to travel with a guitar. In response to customer demand, the peghead now looks more like a regular Taylor model.

This Baby has an arched, laminated mahogany back, and a solid spruce top. When you look at the big photos, notice that the center ply of the back is visible from the edge, and almost appears to be a bit of purfling or binding. Also, check out the closeup of the peghead neck joint. Clearly, the Baby was the proving ground for
Taylor's new neck construction.

Although it has a very small body and short scale, the Taylor Baby has a surprisingly big sound. Big enough that, even though the manufacturer suggests tuning it above concert pitch to match the short scale, most players use standard tuning.

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