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September 7, 1999

Threet "Style E"
© Frank Ford, 1999; Photos by FF

Judy Threet is one of my favorite luthiers. Her work is impeccable in design and execution, and her instruments sound great! Most of us know Judy as a devotee of small body mahogany guitars, with their characteristic bright fingerstyle tone.

This guitar is her largest model, size "E." At 15-1/2 inches wide, it's considerably smaller than a conventional dreadnought or jumbo guitar. (Come to think of it, Judy Threet is the only maker I know who makes a model "D" that is not a dreadnought. It's just her fourth largest size.)

Judy works alone in her shop in Calgary where she produces an extremely limited number of instruments. We're lucky if we get more than one a year.

This guitar has Indian rosewood back and sides, and a strong full bodied sound. Mitered purflings all around, tasteful inlay and ebony binding reflect Judy's customary good taste. It has a "short" scale - 24-3/4 inches, making it a very comfortable guitar to play.

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