FRETS.COM New Instrument Review
September 30, 2002

From his workshop in Manton, Michigan
Newson "F" Mandolin

© Frank Ford, 2002; Photos by FF

Paul Newson's mandolins are some of the most popular mandolins we get at Gryphon. In fact, they are some of the most popular of all the new instruments we get. Paul works alone, entirely by hand, so each instrument is likely to be just a bit different. Some have block inlay, some have unusual binding appointments. Some have pickguards, some don't, some are "A" style, some are "F" and a few have been in the shape of tiny jazz guitars. Paul is one of the few individual makers we have told, "just send us anything you make, we like it all." If you travel over to the Museum section of FRETS.COM you'll see one or two of his "special" items.

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