Dan Erlewine at FRETS.COM

Dan reaches way down inside with his
Glue Injector
© Frank Ford, 9/15/01; Photos by at FF (A.S.I.A. Symposium, 3/21/01)

Not content with the "standard" technique of simply slathering glue with a long handled palette knife, Dan made up this special glue pumper:

It's a powerful syringe coupled with a long tube.

Check the tip:

Dan made the tip by drilling a small hole through both side walls at the end of a copper tube. Then, he inserted a guitar string through the holes, and smashed the tube flat. After soldering the end shut and withdrawing the guitar string, he had a perfect thin flat glue injector with holes in the sides.

He has a variety of sizes and shapes to fit all sorts of locations:

With the end inserted under a loose brace, Dan can inject glue as needed:

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