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From toilet paper holder to
Internal Height Gauge
© Frank Ford, 9/15/01; Photos by FF (A.S.I.A. Symposium, 3/21/01)

OK, this is another "why didn't I think of it" thing. Its simply a toilet paper holder rod. You know, that thing that springs right out of your hand just as you almost get the paper roll in place. Dan simply glued on a slug of maple and threaded it for a set screw:

See? Just a maple block with a thumbscrew:

Sticking the device way down inside, Dan tightens the screw to gauge the height needed for a brace prop:

Simple enough, now all he has do do is cut the prop to length:

By the way, here are a couple of his brace props:

Notice the upper one. Dan likes to add a bit of sandpaper to the end to keep the prop from slipping when he applies clamping pressure.

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