Really fine black pigment
© Frank Ford, 2007; Photos by FF

Fine in texture, fine in quality, lampblack has been a standard item in my shop since the late 1960s. It's nothing more or less than very "finely divided" carbon. Put some on your fingertip and you'll not even be able to feel it. This material is is just about as fine as smoke. In fact, that's basically what it is. As the name implies, I suppose it was originally "harvested" from the burning of lamp fuel.

Lampblack can be mixed with most any opaque coloring medium. Here I'm using it with some pigmented epoxy:

Mix up some cyanoacrylate with lampblack to produce a smooth black filler for inlay in ebony:

Added to hide glue or other wood glue, it will make the glue line black for laminating ebony:

L.M.I. recently added lampblack to their catalog - yea!

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