Quick and easy fitting reinforcement for curved surfaces
Contoured Patches
© Frank Ford, 8/10/98; Photos by FF, 8/10/98

Some side reinforcement patches can be simple flat splints that don't have to fit precisely on a curved surface. But lots of times it's just not possible to get away with a flat cleat when you want to reinforce the inside of a crack repair.

I take a piece of 80 grit sandpaper and hold it over the the outside of the area I need to reinforce. Then I take one of my thick cork sanding blocks and simply and quickly sand the block to match the side:

This takes a surprisingly short time because the cork is so soft and granular that it sands to shape immediately.

My cork sanding blocks are 1/4" cheap cork material I find at auto parts shops and home improvement centers. It's sold as gasket material, or whatever. I laminate three or four layers and cut it up for handy sanding blocks.

Then, if I hold some 150 grit sandpaper on the curved surface I just formed, I can easily shape the back of a reinforcement cleat to match the inside curve of the guitar:

I find this method to be precise enough for almost all applications - - I can get the reinforcement patch fitted in almost no time at all.

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