Keeping it simple
Handle Replacement
© Frank Ford, 3/18/00; Photos by FF, 2/25/00

Yeah, this one is so basic it hardly needs to be illustrated, but I took the photos, so there you are. . .

OK, here's the obvious problem:

Not only is the handle hardware a bit underdone, but the vinyl handle it supports has a tendency to break off.

Actually, the hardware is still in good shape, so we can keep it.

A strong bite from a stout cutter, and the rivet is history.

Here's the easy part. Where the original rivet required a special die and seating tool, this split rivet will do the job just as well:

Simply fold the rivet over and, the job's done:

But, remember, your hand fits in there, so if you don't want cut fingers, you'd best keep the split part of the rivet on the outside, even if it would look better the other way 'round:

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