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Case Repair
Handle Post Loops
© Frank Ford, 7/20/99; Photos by FF, 7/18/99

The best thing about case repair is that it's really easy.

This one's my favorite handle replacement - the post loop.  Oh, and before  you ask, I get all my case repair supplies from Ohio Travel Bag.

Here's a post loop:

It's the little bracket that holds the end of a handle onto the case. The bracket itself screws or is riveted to the side wall of the case. Notice the little pin that slips through the holes in the posts. It has a knurled portion at the end, so it jams in the post once it's in place.

And here's the tool that makes the thing work so well:

A pair of heavy "lineman's pliers" with specially ground ends. You can get these pliers from the same place that supplies literally all the parts you need for case repair, namely the Ohio Travel Bag Supply Co. Check my "Sources" page for how to get their catalog.

It couldn't be easier - just a quick squeeze and the new pin is in place:

No need to remove the posts from the case. All you have to do is cut the old pin out, chuck the old handle, and install new pins with the new handle.

Couldn't be easier.

Now, with that little introduction, click onto the next page for some more technique of post loop replacement and repair.


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