Case Repair
Preventing Neck Yoke Damage
© Frank Ford, 7/27/99; Photos by FF, 7/26/99

Cases sometimes wear out from the inside.

Look at how threadbare this neck support has become:

The fuzzy velvet lining (egg yolk yellow is so tasteful, don't you think) has become very worn as the guitar neck scuffed back and forth.

So worn, in fact, that the rubber pad underneath was exposed a bit allowing the Martin D-35's neck to rest very close to the rubber itself. The nitrocellulose lacquer on the neck became terribly soft, and was "eaten" away as the neck moved around in the case over the years:

Looks pretty bad. Now, the neck will need serious finish repair, which could easily have been prevented by simply covering the yoke in the case.

I'll do the job now, so that the damage won't happen again after I fix up the finish. Just a few squirts from my hot melt glue gun:

Nothing works faster and easier to stick case lining down.

I'll add a couple of layers of green felt:

Well, I didn't have any matching stuff, so I opted for a cheerful contrast. . .

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