If it's going to show
Colored Epoxy
© Frank Ford, 4/29/00; Photos by FF, 2000

Over to the left is my
block of colors. They're powdered pigments that work well to color epoxy. I simply smear 'em around on the top sheet of a paper tablet the way an artist would mix paint pigments:

After I get the color I want, I'm ready to attack a gluing job where there's wood missing and an invisible repair is not practical:

Color looks pretty good as I mash the epoxy into the cracks

After leveling, the result is pretty reasonable:

Whenever the glue line will be obvious, I always try to color the glue appropriately to make it somewhat less objectionable. Even if I'll be touching up the finish over the repair, the colored fill gives me a leg up on the job of matching the finish.

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