What to do with
Leftover Epoxy
© Frank Ford, 4/29/00; Photos by FF, 2000

The West System pump is a cool dispenser, but it won't dispense less than an ounce of epoxy at a time:

If I'm planning to use some epoxy later in the day, I'll stick my leftovers in the freezer:

At that temperature, the leftover epoxy won't set for quite a few hours. When I bring it out cold, it's quite thick:

As soon as it hits the gluing surface, it warms and flows nicely:

If I'm not planning to use epoxy that same day, I'll look around for a divot in the floor that needs filling, or for a clamping caul that could use some surface protection:

This batch was starting to set, but I was still able to spread a thick layer on the top of my pickguard clamping caul:

A heavy epoxy coating will really extend the life of a caul.

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