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I brushed on a thick coat of the colored epoxy:

If you look closely at the spruce sticks I glued on the front of the broken piece, you'll see that their ends line up right at the edge of the t-brace. That's so I can balance my clamps right on the edge and get good distribution of clamping pressure.

It took a lot of those little
Quick Grip clamps:

I have clamps to press the broken piece and clamps to hold the sticks to the face of the t-brace to keep things aligned just right.

Off came the clamps, and with a sharp blow on a well placed chisel, off came the sticks:

I didn't clean the glue off the front surface because I knew I'd be sanding and refinishing just the face of the t-brace.

After a bit of new lacquer, everything looks well attended to:


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