Nasty looking, but not dangerous
A Split Peghead
© Frank Ford, 4/6/02; Photos by FF, 2002

Looks like this one got caught in a car door:

Fortunately, with this kind of break, there's virtually a 100% chance of a successful glue job. That's because the joint won't be under a lot of stress from string tension, as would a typical cracked peghead which had been broken across behind the nut. And, the gluing and clamping surfaces are more or less at right angles.

So, on goes some nice hot hide glue:

And, a whole bunch of clamps:

Notice that I have 1/4 inch thick flat acrylic plates on the front and back, with a bit of waxed paper for protection against gluing them to the peghead. That way, the parts are held in perfect front-to-back alignment, while I apply the actual clamping pressure in the side-to-side dimension:

I really like these micro Quick Grip clamps, because I can clip them on with one hand while holding parts together with the other. They fit next to each other tightly, so I can get plenty of clamping pressure for this small surface area.

And, that's pretty much it. All that's left to do is to wash off the squeezed out glue with warm water:

Even though there's no peghead overlay veneer, the surface looks pretty good:

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