A bit of recycling
"Knife Scraper"
© Frank Ford, 6/11/00; Photos by FF, 6/10/00

Saturday morning on the way to the shop, I often go garage saling. I buy all kinds of things - old sheets for rags, old towels for the bench top - things like that. These old kitchen knives cost me a dollar or less:

They're usually a pretty good grade of steel, and they have great rosewood handles. By the way, back when Brazilian rosewood was a legal import, the chief use was for kitchen knife handles.

The ubiquitous Dremel tool has a great little carbide cutoff wheel that's about one inch in diameter:

And, really quite thin, under .025"

It's the greatest for cutting tool steel, because the thin rim wheel generates very little heat. I can cut right through the blade without drawing the temper at all:

A quick touch on my little belt sander to grind a 45 degree bevel, and I have a heavy duty scraper mounted in a rosewood handle:

A diamond pocket hone is just the thing for touching up the edge from time to time:

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