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This one's a bit silly. . .
Mini Pipette
© Frank Ford, 10/28/98; Photos by FF, 10/28/98

I'm too cheap to buy those disposable polyethylene pipettes from luthier supply places. I get mine in a BIG box from VWR, the laboratory supply house. Sure, they're cheaper that way, but they don't have those really fine tips. But I found a way around the problem.

It goes like this. . .

First, I grip the end with the old molars:

Then I just stretch the pipette:

It takes about a second to pull a nice capillary tube at the end:

I can trim it to the length I want

Now I have a really fine tip, whatever length I want:

The long thin tip is great for dispensing the thin viscosity cyanoacrylate. The really long thin capillary end can be very handy for reaching down inside instruments.

It's great to have two tip styles available from one big box of pipettes.

Fact is, I use the unmodified pipettes more often, mostly for stains, hide glue and various solvents.

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