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It's another silly one. . .
"The Steinway Touchup Kit"
© Frank Ford, 10/28/98; Photos by FF, 10/28/98

Many more years ago than I care to remember I was at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts before it opened at De Anza College locally. Just in time for the opening, a nine foot ebony Steinway grand piano was delivered onstage. After positioning the piano in its new home, one of the technicians looked furtively about, and went all around the piano with a polishing cloth. As he moved, he dabbed here and there with a black Magic Marker to darken tiny nicks or scratches that appeared white against the gleaming black finish.

Since that day, I've referred to my felt tip marker as my "Steinway touchup kit."

It's absolutely the handiest dispenser for black alcohol stain, and is just the thing to blacken tiny imperfections or fills in ebony:

It's great for cases, too

Watch how I make this little tear in the covering just disappear:

Sure, the markers come in other colors, and brown is really handy, too.

Only the black one is the "Steinway touchup kit," though.

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