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This stuff is great!
Stretch Wrap Glue Resist
© Frank Ford, 5/27/00; Photos by FF, 5/27/00

We just got a roll of this cool stretchy plastic packaging film:

It's terrific for wrapping up bundles of guitar woods, fret wire, and all kinds of other things for storage because it doesn't leave a sticky tape glue mess behind.

Today, I tried it to replace waxed paper or the loose plastic film I usually use to keep glue off my clamping cauls. I was amazed at how easy it was to spin a wrap around the caul, and tear it off:

The stuff clings nicely with only one turn around the caul:

This caul is relieved to fit around the volute on the back of a Martin peghead.

When I clamped it up, the plastic wrap stretched easily over the finished bulge underneath:

I'm using hide glue on this job, and I have no fear of it sticking to the wrap. I expect that most other glues won't be a problem. I'll be testing it with cyanoacrylate and solvent based glues before I use it for them. . .

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