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So, here's a clamp system I worked out for one of those impossible reaches.

There was a cross-grain fracture right ahead of the end block where the top buckled in a direct fall on the end pin. I needed to get a thin cross-grain reinforcement laminated under pressure strong enough to flatten the area. That's a l-o-n-g reach from the soundhole.

I took a plate of 1/2 thick aluminum and bandsawed out a super deep C-clamp with a removable top section. The top section indexes onto the back end of the bottom section with a couple of pins, so the top and bottom are in alignment when I screw them together:

Some folks see this clamp and say, "Why not just make the clamp real tall so it'll slip in through the soundhole.

Well, here's why not:

A really long clamp like this one is pretty flimsy, so once it's in place, I clamp over it with the longest throat heavy clamp I can find. That brings the point of leverage way out over the bridge position so I get some heavy down pressure way out at the end. Notice my ubiquitous "Pink Pearl" eraser blocking up the back end of the clamp. I've been using these guys for so long I forget to use the leveling screws on the Waverly clamps.


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