Fret Tools
Jack Plane Body
© Frank Ford, 8/28/98; Photos by FF, 8/28/98

Most woodworkers agree that Stanley wrote the book on steel planes.

I've gotten far more mileage from my Stanley #5 jack plane as a sanding block than I have as a plane!

The plane at the top of this picture is a Stanley Bedrock #605 jack plane. It's considered by many enthusiasts to be the finest steel plane ever made:

I'd NEVER cannibalize that one! The lower tool is my sanding block: just the body of a more common Stanley #5, the one you'll generally find at garage sales.

By creasing a sheet of sandpaper and simply holding it at the edges, I have the world's best sanding block:

It's hard, flat, stable and relentless. I've used this very one for over 25 years now, and can't think of a handier tool!

This is the only leveling block I use on fingerboards.

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