Pride of the garage sale
Magnetic Tool Fence
© Frank Ford, 2/21/99; Photos by FF, 2/21/99

I go to a few garage sales on the way to the shop most summer Saturday mornings. That's where I pick up towels for my bench top, cotton sheets for rags, and any number of really useless old tools.

I bought a couple of these magnetic knife holders, you know, the kind that are two steel strips with magnets in between, and set into a wood or plastic channel:

I tried using them for too holders, but didn't really like them so much.

Later on, I figured out that they make the quickest little fences for any number of power tools:

All you have to do is stick 'em on the table, and you're set!

Precise lateral adjustments are easy:

And they really stick where you put them. Here I have a quick and simple stop for my bandsaw.

Or a fence on my drill press without wrestling a bunch of c-clamps:

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