For a compact deck
Spring-loaded Go-Bars
© Frank Ford, 2/28/02; Photos by FF, 2/5/00

This little system came to me from Kenny Hill, and he reminds me to tell you that he didn't make it up.

He took some small aluminum tubing and plugged up one end:

Inserted a stiff compression spring almost as long as the tube:

Then, a regular 1/4" hardwood dowel:

Simple and effective, like most good ideas. Now, he has a series of go-bars that spring into position and give controlled pressure regardless of the height of the work piece:

Kenny says the springs have enough travel so he can use a variety of dished forms under the top or back without worrying about the length of his go-bars. Also, he can work with a very low deck, like this one, which is mounted on a lazy Susan, rotating for easy access.

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