Just a bit garish
1929 Gibson TB-6

© Frank Ford, 2000; Photos by FF

TB for Tenor Banjo. The style 6 was the fanciest Gibson banjo style which could still be considered a regular catalog item. The more elaborate Florentine, Bella Voce, and All American models were custom instruments with a host of optional decorative elements.

This one is the soul of the Roaring Twenties, with its gold plated engraved hardware, fancy maple, shaded finish, and elaborate pearl inlay. Add to that a load of checkerboard celluloid binding worthy of a circus wagon, and you have the famous TB-6. A standout in any jazz band. I'm stifling a little chuckle as I describe it, with its interplay of elegance and frivolity.

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This particular banjo has been beautifully restored by Rene Karnes of Rescue, California. Rene is a remarkably talented luthier who specializes in banjos of the Jazz Age. You should see the ones she makes!

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