It's a plane, it's a bird, it's a mandrill?
1928 Trujo "A"

© Frank Ford, 2007; Photos by FF

Back in the 1920s, banjo star, Velma Truett and her partner, Harry George, operated a banjo studio in San Francisco where they taught "guitar tuning" for the plectrum banjo.  They also marketed instruments under the Truett name, as well as a special line of banjos called "Trujo."  Made by Gibson, these instruments were among the strangest banjos around.  I don't need to mention the peghead as being a bit, er, out of the mainstream.

Check the inside of this beast.  That gigantic tonering looks like a jet engine venturi! The shell is so deep you'd have quite a time replacing the case for this rig.  This example is complete with the accessory tailpiece mute.

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