Nobody ever asked me
Weymann #4 Tenor

© Frank Ford, 2000; Photos by FF

If you were to ask me which of the old great banjo companies did the best woodworking, I'd waste no time in nominating Weymann. This style 4 tenor is no exception. A solid rosewood (Brazilian, of course) neck, and some fine rosewood veneer work on the resonator and shell. The tapered walls of the "megaphonic tone chamber" are lined with perfectly matched rosewood. In general, the contours, joinery and finish are just a cut above the other big name makers of the 1920s when this example was made.

Gold plated brass parts, including the unique 4:1 tuners with their mechanisms recessed into the peghead, trim this fine old timer.

As a woodworker, I really admire this banjo. As a player, well, I think it sounds a bit "unique," if you get my drift. (That's just an opinion, mind you.)

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