Just where does this one belong?

© Frank Ford, 2001; Photos by FF

As if in an effort to do Bob Taylor "one better" (or should I say, "one worse") than the Taylor "Pallet Guitar," the friendly folks at Mid-Missouri Mandolin have made the ultimate low rent instrument out of discarded wood. In fact, the entire mandolin is made of really cheap grade plywood, with all its warts intact.

Tongue planted firmly in cheek, these fellows have created a real "messterpiece." As you gaze longingly at the photographs be sure to notice the intricate faux inlay on the fingerboard, and the delicate ballpoint pseudoengraved peghead logo.

Notice also the "breaky" bridge. Unfortunately, at the time of these photographs the bridge wasn't quite up to holding one of the G strings in position. Tone? Well, that's another subject. And, I hope the subject of discussion about another instrument. . .

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Just in case you're not familiar with Mid-Missouri mandoins, rest assured that they are some of the best values in contemporary mandolins. Check out a standard model here.

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