Weird, "wired"
1901 Marquetry Guitar and Case

© Frank Ford, 2008; Photos by FF

Dated 1901, this bouquet of wood marquetry appears to be an individual effort on the part of the owner/builder, whose initials are carved in the back of the peghead.  The guitar isn't all that unusual, except for the quantity of inlay and marquetry.  Even the case is elaborately decorated.

But, wait - what's that inside? I haven't a clue, but it appears to be a copper wire "fence" that snakes around inside the body.  Interestingly, the wires are supported by posts that contact only the top of the guitar.  So, I suppose it was an interior "reverb unit" of sorts.

If by any chance you recognize this as a known maker's instrument, the current owner would be grateful for any information.

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