Made in San Francisco - and it's a cutaway!
1902 Anderson

© Frank Ford, 1999; Photos by FF

This guitar is a bit crude, to be sure. BUT, it is certainly the earliest American cutaway guitar I've seen. If you look at the inscription on the neck block, you'll see that Carl Anderson claims to be the "inventor."

There weren't a lot of luthiers in these parts a century ago, and many of the surviving instruments tend to be a bit "rustic" compared to the great factory guitars of the Eastern builders. This one is no exception. It is exceptional, though in its innovation.

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All the pearl trim around the body has been "restored" with plastic wood! Too bad. . .

Just a simple X-brace system.

There's no sign of modification anywhere inside.

Mr. Anderson signed this guitar inside all over, but seems a bit unsure of the date. . .

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