Made in New York
1848 Schmidt & Maul

© Frank Ford, 2000; Photos by FF

As you look over this guitar, you'll be tempted to think it was made by C. F. Martin. The bridge is precisely the same as a Martin of the period, as are the heel, peghead joint, pegs and brand on the back. Inside, though, there's clear evidence of different manufacture. The neck and end blocks, linings, and other details are the work of a different manufacturer. So, what kind of cross-pollination are we seeing here?

Schmidt and Maul were active in New York starting at about the same time as Martin. Both makers must have brought ideas and styles with them from Germany, and it's likely we'll never know to what extent they influenced each other. This guitar also has the characteristic "X-brace" pattern typical of the early Martins.

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Here you can see the trace of the peghead joint, also typical of Martin instruments


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