Art Deco elegance?
Dobro with Sandblast Design
© Frank Ford, 2001; Photos by FF

So, at a time when Gibson and Martin were making elegantly inlaid and decorated instruments, those crazy brothers in Southern California dreamed up a clever way to capture the eye of the folks in the back row of the audience. They simply laid a stencil on the stained plywood body and blasted away, removing the outer layer of wood, exposing the veneer beneath. Then, a couple of quick coats of lacquer, and behold, a "fancy" model! It's by no means delicate when viewed up close, but it does look pretty cool from a short distance, don't you think?

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  Apart from the cheapo replacement tuners, this instrument is in really great original condition. Notice the stylized "D" worked into the lower center of the design on the back.   

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