A big blonde. . .
1951 Gibson J-185
© Frank Ford, 2001; Photos by FF

Here's my nomination for Gibsons "Finest Postwar Hour, Flattop Division." It's the classic 16" jumbo, made on the old 16" L-5 mold, and a fine body shape to be sure. In 1951, Gibson's top bracing, bridge and pickguard had not deteriorated to the extent we see in sad examples of later decades, so this guitar has a big, fat sound. Check out the distinctive cross inlay on the bridge - possibly a bit out of place stylistically, but nevertheless cool. Like so many of the best Gibson instruments, this one was made with good hard Michigan maple for its back and sides.

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I can't resist pointing out the soundhole rings - it's typical of Gibson to be "casual" about where the joint happens to land. . .

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