What were they thinking?
1964 Gibson F-25

© Frank Ford, 1999; Photos by FF

It was the height of the 1960s folk revival, and along came Gibson with the stylish F-25. It has a fine pair of white flamenco tap plates, and its neck is a full two inches wide at the nut. Only thing is, though, it's a steel string guitar. Now, to be sure, this derivative of the B-25 has a pleasant Gibson tone. The extra wide neck is appealing to some players, too. Not much we can say or do about those tap plates, though.

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The tap plates give this guitar a "Spanish" look. . .

Check this out. Even though it's a steel string instrument, the bridge has a straight saddle with no extra compensation at all for the bass strings, just as a nylon string flamenco guitar would have. Sure, it plays WAY out of tune up the neck.

This peculiar style guitar was also available in a dreadnought size, too.

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