A real workhorse and a terrific sounding guitar
1944 Martin D-18

© Frank Ford, 1999; Photos by FF

The most modest dreadnought size guitar was traditionally the Martin D-18. With its mahogany back and sides, and its plain elegance, it's often ignored in the discussion of great guitars. Too bad, because some of the world's greatest music has come out of these boxes!

I present this well-worn example as a reminder that "high mileage" isn't necessarily detrimental to the life of a guitar. This one has been played rough and put away wet! However, with all the scrapes, nicks and wear, it hasn't been misused or suffered any serious damage. It will surely outlast me.

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The tuner buttons are decomposing, and the gears are just about shot, so this one came into the shop for some new Waverly tuners. They'll fit right into the old holes, so we won't have to modify the peghead.

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