Well, not really
DeJonge "Double Top"

© Frank Ford, 2000; Photos by FF

Gotta hand it to ol' Sergei DeJonge. He's come up with another surprise. This time it's what he calls a "double top" version of his familiar fingerstyle guitar. The body is rosewood, with a mahogany neck and ebony for fingerboard and bridge. The top is specially constructed with two extremely thin layers of solid spruce supported in a "core box" construction with little spacers glued in between the layers. The total thickness of the top is somewhat greater than the usual, but the mass is a bit less because of the air space between the two thin spruce sections.

The top is unusually strong for its weight, thanks to the "skin effect" of the two spruce membranes supported by light spacers. That's much the same way an airplane wing achieves its strength. (Yes, it does sound good.)

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I stuck a strong light inside the body so you could see the lateral spacers glued between the two thin spruce layers:

There's no way you'd ever guess the top's secret by looking at it from inside or out!

Some of the conventional braces appear wider than normal because of the shadow caused by the direction of my interior lighting.

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