James Larsen's
"Swingaway" Solid Body

© Frank Ford, 2000; Photos by FF

This is a bit of a break from my usual "museum" presentation. Henry Kaiser had just received this interesting guitar, and was eager to show it off to his friends. Gryphon was one of his first stops, and because he was in a tearing hurry, I had to capture a couple of shots on the fly. Anyhow, here's a quick look at a truly creative solid body guitar. It's not exactly a "cutaway", so I decided to call it "swingaway." The treble "shoulder" of the body simply swings out on a couple of rosewood hinges.

It also has the strangest peghead, which defies description, so I'm glad to have a couple of photos to present. If you'd like to see some more instruments by James Larson, go to his web site,

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